From Japan, with love

I think it's always remarkable when I'm not sick about a clock alarm tone. But, as much as I can say, it's so nice to live nowadays, when being goth is pretty different from the 20-years ago goth.

PLASTICZOOMS is an awesome Japanese band (basically the "Japanese" includes awesome by name) that means quite a lot of the new movement of goth, to me. An excellent album, Critical Factor, some recent new singles (actually covers), and an extremely awesome style. 

Thinking on The Horrors? Add a little of Joy Division to the equation, and then forget everything I just wrote on this paragraph, because labeling bands is SO last decade. 

I think it's always remarkable when the frontman of the band I'm reviewing on my blog likes one of my Profile Pictures on Facebook. I'm so in love with Sho Asakawa, and so will you. 

And one plus (my clock alarm tone) :


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